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Norfolk NIPS Summer Issue #189

The Summer issue of the NIPS has been released and can be viewed online by clicking the link below. Happy reading!https://issuu.com/onefourninecreative/docs/norfolk_nips_189_summer_2019

Press Release from Lacons – 08.08.2019

Lacons Audit Ale makes it through to the CAMRA Champion Beer of Britain Finals.

We’re proud to announce that Lacons Audit Ale, crowned CAMRA Champion Winter Beer of Britain in February this year, was one of the beers being judged in the finals of the CAMRA Champion Beer of Britain Awards at London’s Olympia this week.
The CAMRA Champion Beer of Britain Awards is one of the most prestigious beer competitions in the world and a huge event in the cask ale calendar. This year saw 71 breweries competing for the coveted title of the Champion Beer of Britain Award after months of tasting panels and regional heats across the country judged beers on appearance, aroma, taste and aftertaste across 10 categories.
Brewed at Lacons’ Falcon Brewery in Great Yarmouth, Audit Ale was re-introduced to the Lacons range in 2014 and is a resurrection of the world-famous Audit Ale of the 20th Century, originally brewed for Cambridge University colleges. It is an 8.0% ABV barley wine with a deep copper hue and is aged for a minimum of three months to develop the rich flavours of berries and warm spices befitting its style.
Audit Ale was named Champion Winter Beer of Britain at the Great British Beer Festival Winter in Norwich earlier this year which assured its entry into the finals. Although Audit didn’t win the main award, our team were still celebrating being in the finals.
“We were up against some great breweries and beers.” said Managing Director Mick Carver “It’s really gratifying to get this level of recognition from the CAMRA judging panel and to have made it this far in the competition.”
In recent months Lacons has received worldwide recognition for Encore, our flagship amber ale. Our team, who have worked tirelessly over the past six years to develop and maintain the quality beers we have become famous for, were at the awards when the results were announced on Tuesday.

East Norfolk Pubs/Club of the Year

For the last year many of the 300 CAMRA members in the East Norfolk area have been very busy. They have been hard at work visiting and nominating pubs for the Pub of the Year competition, nominating pubs for the 2020 Good Beer Guide and this year we have also been running a Club of the Year as well!

All of the nominated pubs and clubs have been surveyed and scored by CAMRA members on three different categories.

  • Beer Quality.

This is the most important single factor in judging a pub for a CAMRA award. The pub/club doesn’t need to sell a wide range of beers to score highly and a pub selling a couple of ales in tip-top condition is preferable to one selling seven or eight of variable quality!

  • Atmosphere/style/décor/service and welcome.

This is partly about the “feel” of the interior. Is it a nice place to be, is the décor appropriate to the type of pub/club it is, does the style show respect for the building? Factors like imagination, taste and restraint all come into play. Pubs or clubs certainly don’t have to be picture-postcard, unspoilt rural gems to score highly here. Estate pubs, modern city centre bars, back street boozers, can all be excellent in their own terms. Prompt service that’s efficient and friendly whilst getting a full measure or at least a top up without having to ask is very important. It’s about being regarded, treated and valued as a human being rather than just a source of revenue.

  •  Community focus and sympathy with CAMRA aims.

Does the pub have a community focus? For example, notice boards listing local events, sports teams linked with the pub, a sense of the pub belonging to the people and a hub to the local community. If a pub operates in such a way as to exclude some sectors of the community then that counts against it for this competition. That’s not to say that pubs which target a particular type of clientele cannot be excellent in their own right but a CAMRA Pub of the Year does need to be inclusive, not exclusive. The sympathy with CAMRA aims doesn’t mean that the pub or club has to agree with everything CAMRA does, but we wouldn’t expect a Pub of the Year to operate in a way which conflicts with CAMRA’s aims, or specific policies relating to pubs. The pub or club should espouse and promote our values, give cask ale a positive push, offer information about the ales sold and stimulate interest in the sorts of issues we’re concerned about?

The East Norfolk CAMRA Winners for 2019

  • Pub of the Year:  Rick Malt, The Lion Inn, Thurne.

Ricky Malt (left) receiving his award.

  • Cider Pub of the Year:  Jess Pennington, The Mariners Tavern, Great Yarmouth. 

Presented to Jess Pennington by Ian Ling, Cider Secretary, East Norfolk CAMRA.

  • Rural Pub of the Year:  Myles Harman, The Decoy Tavern, Fritton.

Myles Harman, Licensee Decoy Tavern

  • Club of the Year:  Carl Smith, The Conservative Club, Gorleston.

Congratulations to all the winners, a big thank you to all the pubs and clubs that competed in the competition, good luck for next year and a special thank you to all the East Norfolk CAMRA members who took the time out to visit, survey and score all the nominated pubs. We couldn’t do it without you!

Results of the 2020 GBG nominations

These will be released mid August after the official Good Beer Guide Publication release date.

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